Funding for Caravan Parks

There now exist more funding options than ever before but it remains extremely challenging to source appropriate funding. That said, the Caravan Park sector is a particularly attractive one for funders. We outline here the new, traditional and developing sources of finance that may be able to help you grow, acquire or realise value in your Caravan Park.

The bank

  • This is the most used form of external finance in the sector and we would certainly not advocate change for changes sake as the adage “the devil you know….” is particularly apt. Many businesses in the caravan park and leisure industry have long established relationships with their bank.
  • However, if you are contemplating some form of transaction – an acquisition perhaps, a development programme or some form of family reorganisation, that may be the time to consider your options and test the market. Not all banks are the same and our industry expertise can help you unlock better rates, terms and higher levels of financing from specialist bankers keen to lend to the sector.

Alternative lenders

  • There now exist funders unheard of five years ago. They are interested in providing debt funding to your business when the bank says ‘No’. So if you’re looking for finance beyond that which your bank will provide, we know the alternative lenders to talk to.

The Development Bank of Wales

  • The newly launched Development Bank of Wales has been set up to increase the provision of sustainable, effective finance for Welsh businesses. It claims “The Development Bank of Wales will fill the gap between the finance that the private sector supplies and the funding our businesses demand”. But what are they looking for, how do you access this money and is it right for your business?

The Northern Powerhouse Investment Fund

  • The 2017 launched Northern Powerhouse Investment Fund manages £400 million of government funding to help businesses in the region to scale-up. It provides debt up to £750,000 and equity up to £2,000,000 but what are they looking for, how do you access this money and is it right for your business?

Private equity

  • Institutional private equity or venture capital can be a real shot in the arm for businesses, but this funding comes with specific risks as well as rewards. We know the funders that specialise in the caravan and leisure sector, and whose expertise can help unlock substantial growth.
  • It is not for everyone and anticipates some sort of exit in the short term but could be ideal if you have ambitious growth plans and are prepared to give up some equity.


  • This is a new form of finance that has only become available in the last five years or so. It comes in two guises – debt and equity.
  • It is a complex market and unlikely to be suitable for many Parks, but it can form a useful part of a mix of solutions.

Family office investors

  • Many very wealthy families have created investment funds that can take a broader and longer-term view of financing businesses than other investors. The Caravan Parks sector is particularly interesting to them given the substantial underlying assets that tend to exist. Such family offices, typically, don’t advertise or even have websites but we have access to over 200 such investors.

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