Retained Adviser Services

Bringing all of our services together for a fixed annual fee, this involves meeting the client on an agreed number of occasions during the course of a financial year and providing ad hoc advice. Each regular meeting usually has five elements to it:

Follow up

Follow up from the previous meeting to ensure all action points have been dealt with.


A review of business performance since the last meeting compared to budget.

Upcoming developments

A consideration of what developments are planned for the business over the forecast period.

Action points

What action should be taken in light of the performance.

Wider overview

A wider consideration of the business environment from our own experience and what this means for the client. We usually recommend a minimum of two such meetings. One is just before the year end to plan for the result from a tax and stakeholder perspective with the benefit of the following years’ forecast. The other coincides with the clearance meeting with the auditors and considers the client in the wide-ranging manner referred to above with the benefit of the final draft audited results and tax computations.