Podcasts – Law Firms

Meeting the Challenge

This series of Podcasts can either be downloaded or played direct from the website on what are perhaps the most important issues facing professional practices. The issues are the same whether or not you are a firm of lawyers, surveyors, architects, accountants or patent agents and whatever your size – from 2 partners to 200 partners. Implementation of the solutions and how you go about identifying the issues let alone the solutions will be different depending on your size and strategic positioning and objectives but nearly every practice should have these issues close to, if not at the top, of their agenda.

Each programme is approximately 30 minutes in length – typical drive time – and it is hoped they are “relatively” easy listening while providing practical and helpful advice on the issues involved. In turn each programme is tracked so that you can go direct to any specific issue you wish.

Programme 1 – Profit protection and improvement

Getting your strategy right for the long term is where we start in this programme and, amongst others, whether the lowest cost provider model (volume based process driven) is right or is it the more normal collegiate service led approach and what tools can be used in developing strategy. Read More and Listen

Programme 2 – Mergers

“The only constant is change” is perhaps particularly appropriate to legal firms with the implications of the Legal Services Act and the impact of the SRA on how practices will operate in future. Read More and Listen

Programme 3 – Profit sharing regime and capital structures

Profit sharing in professional partnerships is perhaps the most emotive issue in such a practicing life and the larger the partnership the more difficult. This programme addresses the types of regime and associated issues. Read More and Listen